Humans have a deep-seated drive to experiment with consciousness, to play with our own finely tuned minds. The dream is the perfect vehicle for this kind of experimentation. Join our community and cultivate the wild and visionary experience of the dream!


The Oneironauticum is an international dream group that works with oneirogens—any substance, practice, or experience that promotes or enhances dream states. Founded in 2008, the Oneironauticum gathers on a given night to work with the same oneirogen. At least one group gathers together to sleep in the same space, while dreamers from locations around the world join remotely, all using the same oneirogen. Although they may be separated by hundreds or thousands of miles, on the night of Oneironauticum, dreamers are united community, bound by the common experience of the dream.


Urban Dreamscape: SF is a practice of weaving dreams into architecture, turning the landscape into a dream journal. Using active imagination and visualization, I overlay the buildings in my urban neighborhood with my dreams. Urban Dreamscape is a meditation on mapping, a psychogeographical research that breaks down divisions between internal and external spaces. It is a means of creating sacred space in the city. Through the practice, I explore the inner psychic spaces of my dream world, superimposing this intimate realm on top of the city where I live.

Liminal Dreaming

Liminal Dreaming is a way of working with hypnagogic and hypnopompic dream states. Channel the visions you have when you slip into sleep (hypnagogia), the thoughts that drift across the border into dream and back again while you slowly wake (hypnopompia), and the visionary weirdness of delicious naps and delirious fatigue. In these states, the meandering mind rehashes and remixes thought and experience, surfing the edge realm between conscious and unconscious. Like lucid dreaming (but considerably easier to learn), liminal dreaming offers a fascinating mode of playing with consciousness.

Evolver Learning Lab: Expand Your Mind Through Dreaming:

Expand Your Mind Through Dreaming: How to Work with Liminal Dream States - Evolver Learning Lab

Learn about ancient techniques and the latest technologies for expanding your active dream states, to heighten creativity and deepen self-discovery! In this six session workshop, we learn to widen the rich liminal dreaming space between sleep and wakefulness, surf the edge of consciousness and linger in this elusive, marvelous mind state. Here you encounter your own visionary mind without the ordinary ego getting in the way. From Tibetan Buddhists to Thomas Edison to Salvador Dali to August Kekulé—who discovered the benezene ring in a hypnagogic dream—liminal dream practices have been developed and used across time and cultures.
The live online course has now ended. You can still download video from the six sessions by clicking the link below

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